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Student Evaluations from Iowa State University

4.58/5 per class (11 classes total) average

compare to departmental 3.92/5 per class average (with reference to same courses taught)

4.54/5 per student (155 responses total) average

compare to departmental 3.93/5 per student average (with reference to same courses taught)

All quotes verbatim

Spring 2021 - ODEs and Laplace Transforms (Recitation Leader):

  • "Honestly, Evan would make a great professor for this course. He was extremely knowledgeable of the course content and prepared us for all of our exams. In addition, he was very thorough and concise with his notes."

  • "Evan is super patient and super knowledgeable. I never really understood what my professor was saying, and Evan pretty much became my professor. Within those 50 minutes of recitation, I learned more about differential equations than the entire week of lectures combined. He is very good at explaining things in a way that makes sense to the 20-year-old mind, and this taught me a lot."

  • "Evan literally helped me get through this class successfully. I learned more from recitations with Evan than lectures. He was great at answering questions and he led recitation with great and very relevant examples. I cannot recommend Evan enough!"

  • "Evan was the best TA I have had during my time at Iowa State. I learned most of the content for the course during his recitation sessions. He was very good at challenging the students with more difficult problems that prepared us for our exams."

  • "I thought Evan's recitation was fantastic. He would cover the material we learned each week that was relevant to the quizzes and exams, and would go through each problem in depth so that I knew how to do not only that specific problem, but any problem relatively similar to it. The lectures were often confusing, but towards the end of the semester I began to realize that I never had much to worry about as long as I made it to recitation each week. Going through the problems slowly, and in depth during recitation helped my learning significantly this semester."

  • "Evan was very good at working with me and teaching the concepts in a way that made sense in my head"

  • "He provided excellent recitations that helped me to understand and ace nearly every quiz "

Spring 2020 - Survey of Calculus (Instructor of Record):

  • "The way Evan teaches has helped unlock higher mathematics for me. Historically I have struggled with math, spending many hours in one on one sessions and studying. This class changed that for me, because everything just clicked together in ways that haven't happened before. I highly recommend his class for everyone."

  • "My instructor has been wonderful for this class, may it be in the actual classroom or online like it is now...This has been overall a wonderful course and I am glad I took this to fulfill my math requirements here at ISU. I could not have asked for a better professor to learn math from."

  • "As a student, it was very easy to tell how much Evan loves math! He is a very good instructor and always took the time we needed to help explain new concepts."

  • "Evan was very involved with his teaching style. He made sure that his students were engaged, and were active learners throughout the entire class period. This form of accountability really helped me excel in the classroom!"

  • "Evan did an incredible job of making this course accessible and interesting following our transition online. His teaching style brought me so much joy, and was always available to answer any questions that I might have had."

  • "My instructor did a great job handling the switch to online learning, managing to keep the class clear and engaging."

  • "Evan was one of the best instructors that I have had as a student here at Iowa State."

  • "I really liked that the professor made videos for each lecture and that they were like the normal in class lectures. I couldn't have learned this subject without those videos."

Fall 2018 - Survey of Calculus (Instructor of Record):

  • "Evan has been the best calculus teacher I have ever had in general, and has been the best math teacher I have had on campus. I came into this class with the feeling that I would not do well (because I have never been good at math right off the bat), and it is actually now one of my highest grades this semester. I commend Evan for teaching math in a way that makes it easy to understand. The way he grades everything is very fair, and I appreciate how accommodating he is with deadlines and issues we have. He is a patient and upbeat person, and he made this class bearable."

  • "Hey Camrud, I think you're one of the best math teachers I've had, and I can tell you really care. Also I love your little jokes and whatnot, the quizzes always crack me up a little. Thanks"

Spring 2018 - Multivariable Calculus (Recitation Leader):

  • "Evan Camrud has been effective at clarifying the course material and helping me learn and progress through the course. I appreciate his insights into the problems and the more casual atmosphere he creates in recitation, which I feel helps some students ask questions about the course material which they may not feel comfortable asking otherwise. He is knowledgeable on the subject matter and good at answering questions, as well as providing alternate explanations or approaches to help students get a better grip on the problems being reviewed. He has been easily approachable and has made recitation interesting and enjoyable for me--and, I'm sure, for others as well."

  • "Evan Camrud was my best TA that I have had, by far "

  • "The Best TA ever"

  • "this ta is a super chill dude. allows for a really relaxed class environment."

Fall 2017 - Calculus I (Recitation Leader)

  • "Evan was really a good TA and he knew what is was talking about. All the Math problems we did during recitations were helpful and they helped me understand some concepts when I had difficulty understanding them during lecture."